Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nora's Memory Chest

Nora's mom contacted me and was interested in a small toy chest, mainly to keep Nora's childhood keepsakes in.  She wanted something timeless, but still unique for her daughter.  This was going to be a special Christmas gift from Nora's grandparents.  I hope Nora loved it and will really appriciate it as she gets older.


Established signs are one of my favorite things to create.  They can really be personalized to the person recieveing them and make a great addition to a family room or patio.  They would be great for Christmas, or anniversaries and weddings and showers!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.  I know we did.  And second...  I want to thank everyone for their orders during 2009.  It was a very busy but successful year, and it leaves me only imagining what 2010 has in store.  One goal I have for 2010 is to paint something for my family members early on, so I don't have to stress for when it comes time for presents at Christmas next year.  I would love to do an Established sign for several family members, so maybe I can get to work on those sooner, rather than later.  We were given many incredible gifts this year, one of which being a new tiled back splash for our kitchen.  We are actually working on that this weekend, so I'll be sure to post before and after pics.  I can't wait!  So here's to a very Happy New Year and nothing but the best in 2010!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Intro: New Style of Hair Bow Holders!

Introducing a new style of hair bow holders!  These can be any size you wish!  I am lucky enough to have a very talented mother who can sew- so this is def. a joint venture with her (like most of my projects!).  The back is a canvas-like material, and each row is made of coordinating ribbon.  There is a rod at the top to keep it hanging straight, then finished off at the top with a bow! Then I paint the letters and ta-da- its ready!  This is also perfect to use with headbands, since you can lay them over the ribbon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Worth The Wait!

I had previously done these letters for someone who was waiting for their child.  When I say waiting, I mean waiting.  Praying, fundraising, meeting after meeting.  The couple had struggled with health issues resulting in infertility and were finally nearing the end of the adoption process.  Earlier this year they welcomed Abby to their hearts and home.  She is now 7 months old and growing so fast- so logically they ordered a growth chart for her nursery.  Her bedding is the Skip Hop Mod Box collection.

ABC Easy as 123

Sophie is going to grow up so big and strong along side her new growth chart.  I painted this to match her Circo Mix and Match ABC's and Dots Collection.

Little Boy Blue...

I painted letters for Liam's nursery, back several months ago.  Here's the lastest additional to his decor.  These are great- just to add some color to an otherwise white door.  I have also done them with rather cute sayings like, "You wake him, you take him." "Mommy and baby napping- Do Not Disturb."  This would also be nice to use on your front door as an alternative to the sign in a post below.

Holy Bow Holder Batman!

I've been swimming in bow holders! I think they would make a great gift and add a nice little touch of personality to any little girls room.  The good thing about bow holders for last minute people (like myself) is the turn around time.  I can typically get them to you within a week!  Need a quick personalized gift for a shower or birthday party next weekend?- Shoot me an email!

Just hangin around...

This "L" was ordered as part of my October sale. I painted it to match a painting in someones living room. This would be a cute addition to hang from a door knob, the mantle, on a door.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My little helper!

This is a picture of my little Sami Sue helping me out last week with a few orders.  She's always curled up somewhere in the paint room, surrounding herself with all 2,000 of her toys giving me puppy-support.  Isn't she the sweetest little girl you've ever seen?  Have I ever mentioned my guarantee that comes with all orders?  Well if I haven't, all orders are guaranteed to come with a few random dog hairs!  Sorry- but thats how I roll. (...well actually I roll with a lint roller)! :)

Crazy about Daisies!

I made this bow holder for another friend's baby shower that was also this past weekend. I used a K from extra inventory and added it to my usual round bow holder for a little dimension. I think it turned out lovely and can't wait to meet baby Khloe in 2010!

For Princess Lillian Grace

I made this monogram for a friend's baby shower gift.  She loved it and said that it would match the nursery perfectly!  I even added little rhinestones since this little girl is going to be the ultimate princess!  The Kidsline En Point collection is adorable and very girly, just as I imagine little Lily will be!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guess how much?

Guess how much I paid for everything in this picture?  This was a trip to Walgreens, 2 to Harris Teeter, and 1 to Target.  We had a few more trips following these, but the hubs drew the line at another picture.  Ok- so the total for everything in the pic was $67.98?, $35.03?, $24.76?, nope...$16.73.  Not too shabby huh?  A little break down for ya.  The wipes were free at Target.  I had (2) $2 off coupons for Huggies products.  These are going to two different baby showers next weekend.  The Glade Sense and Spray was $.99 at Walgreens because of a $4.00 off coupon.  The refill was $2.49.  The Campbells soup was free.  (Coupon plus sale at Walgreens)  Everything else was from 2 trips to HT.  Could have been one, but they only allow 20 coupons per VIC card.  My total savings with coupons and VIC was $88.38. I call this, a good day :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So after having a fussy baby on your hands for 5+ hours, going off of very little sleep yourself- you finally see light at the end of the tunnel.  The baby was falling asleep.  Peacefully in her crib, you sit down to take a little nap yourself.  And then- DING DONG- the doorbell rings.  The dog starts barking, the baby starts crying, and a clueless salesman from the cable company is standing at your door.

I recently received a request from a lady asking for a sign she could hang outside, so people would quit ringing the door bell during the day.  I have heard from several SAHM/WAHM's that there are constantly people going door-to-door- from the postman that leaves the oversized package, the boy scout selling popcorn, to the cable man trying to get you to upgrade your service.

If you notice in the picture, we worded this sign without mention to a baby sleeping.  Because we all know there are plenty of crazies out there!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Game Time!

I'm almost finished with October orders! The last few are going out this week/first of next week. This weekend, I got into the Christmas spirit at the Junior League of Raleigh's Shopping SPREE! We had a great time and got some good ideas and inspiration from a few vendors. I would love to have a booth at this event when I turn byPAMI into a full time business- but for now I'll stick with my little blog :) I spent the morning getting my Christmas orders organized! My wonderful mama helps me out by base painting. She has it down to a fine science, and it helps me out tremendously! So everything is labeled and ready to be based. If you need to get me any finial details of your orders- please email me as soon as possible! Because starting November 1- its time to start on the Christmas orders! I've got everything good to go to have all orders complete by the end of November so I can enjoy December paint free! I've got a few gifts for family and friends that I will be working on in early December, but I'm 85% finished with Christmas shopping already!!!!  Thank you for everyone who has placed orders!!!  Only 60 days until Christmas!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

Just wanted to take a second out of my crazy day to wish my hubs a Happy 3rd Anniversary! 
I love you very much!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christmas Orders

I will only be taking orders through 10/16.  All orders placed after 10/16 will not be guaranteed for Christmas!


OK it's SALE time! I have lined up some inventory to sell before I take on the Christmas rush! All letters are $4.00 each, unless noted on the picture. To see the letter closer, simply click on the picture.
These are first come, first serve.
At this time I will not be offering the option to order any additional letters- what I have are all listed below.
This is great if you are looking for a single letter to hang on the nursery door, front door of your house, decoration on the mantle, secret santa gift or something fun to jazz up your cubicle. Letters can be turned into ribbon holders for an additional $ 3.00 per letter (what a steal!).
Everything is completely customizable to your liking. Some letters are currently painted, but all letters will be sanded prior to your design being painted.
To order- shoot me an email. If you need my email address it can be found by clicking on the email link in the sidebar to the right. Once you get a confirmation email from me- it's ordered! At this time I take check and cash- I will email you with further payment instructions. I will be taking orders for letters listed below from 10/7 through 10/14. After that, the sale is over. So please order prior to 10/14. Shipping is based on address, and will be added in addition to the letter price. All items will be shipped out by mid- November. If you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


First, how cute is Jocelyn?!?  Such a happy little girl! 

I painted Jocelyn's letters to match her classic/modern nursery.  Her mom wanted something simple that could make the transition from baby to toddler.  Jocelyn's dad was concerned about anything hanging on the wall behind the crib- so we went with light weight canvas letters.

Newly Established...

I rarely have time to paint things for my own family and friends, which is a good problem if you think about it.  It's my goal to get a few things painted for my family during the month of October- we'll see how that goes.

(Me, Jessica, and Katie)

My best friend from high school is engaged and is getting married in Mexico next month.  Many of their friends and family aren't able to go to the wedding (including us), so they had a pre-wedding "Party with Katie and Marty" party(---got that?).  We had a great time, and it was good to catch up with some old girlfriends.  I painted Katie and Marty an "established" sign as a little wedding gift.  She loved it!

Organizing the little things...

I've made a ton of hair bow holders lately.  They make a nice personalized, useful gift.  Perfect for moms to keep all their little girl's bows organized and in one place.  I've personalized them many different ways from using monograms, to names, and just the first initial.  They make a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and new big sister present!