Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bexley's Nursery!

Waiting for November! 

It was def. a joint effort from everyone in our family!  HUGE thank you to my mama and daddy and Zack's parents for all the hard work!  New flooring, fan, crown, and paint. 



Zack added mirrors and framed them out on the closet doors.

Her closet filled with 0-6 month clothes!

All the bins holding blankets, linens, sleepers, gowns, onsies, socks, etc.

The crib bedding made my my mom!

A chair that was my grandmothers that we converted to a rocking chair.  Embroidery hoops that hold coordinating fabrics new and old!

The changing table and collage.  Complete with a picture of her "big brother and sister" :)