Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go Pirates!

When I was asked by a friend of mine about painting something to donate to the East Carolina Alumni Association's Scholarship Auction, I said ABSOLUTELY!  Its a great way to help out the community and a good way for me to get my name out there.  We decided that a childrens step stool would be a great auction item!  What Alumni doesn't have a little pirate or know a little pirate?!  I kept things basic so it would be great for a girl or a boy.  Check out what people attending the Pirates Bounty Scholarship Auction will be bidding on!  (Again, sorry for the not so great pics- camera was on the wrong setting!)

How it all comes together

Some people ask me how I decide what design goes on which letter.  I pretty much look at the bedding or pictures of the room and go from there.  I like to know the wall color because I don't like when the base color is the same or close to the same as the wall color- it just makes them blend right in, instead of making a statement.  Sometimes people want certain designs and make requests for certain patterns- but using the colors that compliment the bedding (ex- polka dots, stripes, checkerboard, diamonds).  Here's are a few examples of how letters match up to the bedding.

More from TLB

Picture Dump time!  Sorry some are blurry and some of the colors are off.  I'm typically taking these pics at 11:00-12:00 at night, and without sunlight (and patience) this is the best I can get.  You get the idea...