Friday, November 7, 2008

Where the magic happens...

Vinyl letters from etsy seller Elephannie. She is awesome to work with!
Where I paint. It's never this clean. Ever.
My closet. It was stuff with random things, now its stuff with random things in organized bins:) We moved my craft table into the closet to free up some floor space in the room. Z and I made cornice boards that conceals the top nicely. My mom sewed all the curtains.
This is a set of cubes from A.C. Moore. We put them on their side, painted them brown and added legs from Lowes. My mom sewed a coordinating cushion for the dogs. I lucked up and found the matching bins at Lowes for $6.00 each.
Shelving is hidden by curtains, trimmed in brown with blue polka dots. Stripes are 12" wide and were a bitch to tape (just ask my lovely, darling, patient husband.)

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Karen said...

What an adorable room!!!