Friday, November 7, 2008

It's about that time again...

This time last year, we had Christmas card photos taken. Yeh, I'm weird like that. Can't you just look at Z and see how thrilled he is to be sitting in a field, shoeless, in a green chair. They were great photos taken by Jen Lee. She doesn't live in NC this year, so we're probably just gonna set the camera up ourselves and take a few. I personally, think its great to include or have pictures in your Christmas cards. I for one, love to see how people have changed, families have expanded and babies have grown. For many, this is the only connection we have, so I like to make it a personalized one. We have done this over that past few years with my side of the family, so its one I'd like to always do with mine and Z's little family. I'll be sure to post our Christmas card whenever I have the right pictures.

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