Friday, November 7, 2008

That's so trashy!

My mother in law is obsessed with palm trees. Palm tree earrings, pajamas, cups, soap, pillows...the list goes on and on. They got a new 5th wheel a few years ago, and the one thing palm tree she didn't have was a trash can. I take that back. She did have one- if you count an old trashcan she stuck a palm tree grippy cut out on. You know that kind you would have used back in the day on the bottom of your bathtub. So I took it upon myself to paint her a coordinating trashcan. Lots of very detailed artisan skills went in to this design. You truly wouldn't understand these techniques unless you were trained by a professional- like papertowel painting, q-tipping, and painters-taping :) This is a plastic trashcan from Rubbermaid that is designed to use plastic grocery bags. Trash is allowed to look pretty too!

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