Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to the land-o-blogging...

Sorry I've been MIA for 4 months. Time has a way of getting away from you when your busy! Let's see whats been going on... I turned 26, Zack turned 27, Jack and Sami turned "around" 6 and 4 respectively. We've been back and forth to Emerald Isle on weekend getaways. Finally built our shed. Got the redneck pool up and running. Had good times with our family and friends. Went to a friend's wedding and another's baby shower. Made a quick visit to Florida for my cousin's high school graduation and my mom's 50th surprise birthday party. Oh yeh and I painted. A lot. I'll try to do some re-caps over the next week as I come across some pictures. I try to photograph everything, but it doesn't always happen. Still no website updates, that my goal for the summer- is to get a jump on that. Until then, enjoy the random updates, and hopefully I'll get on the ball with all of this blogging stuff as well!

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