Monday, July 19, 2010

New pictures coming this week! I promise!

Nothin really new going on around in our little world.  Sami has not had her ACL surgery, and for now we are holding out.  She is now walking on all fours, and hasn't really shown any signs of favoring the hurt leg.  She takes glucosamine daily- so hopefully between that, staying in the crate while we aren't home, and using the ramp to get on the couch- she might be ok without surgery.  So keep your fingers crossed!

One of my best friend's got married last month.  Her husband is in the Air Force, and when they returned home from their honeymoon they had a few days until they had to report to- MONTANA!  Nothing like moving across the freaking country.  I'm so happy for their new lives together, but just wish it were a little closer to home!  Jessica was a beautiful bride and the wedding and reception were spectacular!

I have been busy painting- so sorry for the lack of blog updates!  I promise a few pictures THIS WEEK!  I have done a few personal orders, but mainly filling orders for The Letter Boutique.  Carrie is great to work with and I enjoy picking up orders when I know I have time in my schedule to fill them.

Until next time!

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